Tape som lyser i mørket 2meter selvlysende #kjektåha

Tape som lyser i mørket 2meter selvlysende #kjektåha
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  • Tape som lyser i mørket 2meter selvlysende #kjektåha
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1stk rull på 2meter. Når mørke senker seg lyser denne opp når det kommer litt lys på den.Discover the Safety Tape light strip. It remains phosphorescent in the dark for several hours and recharges by exposure to natural daylight. As a landmark, this adhesive will help you easily identify various objects in the dark, but also secure your interior as you move around at night. "I stay bright for several hours in the dark when all Other light source has disappeared. A few minutes of exposure to natural or artificial light is enough to recharge me at will. I am used in the corridors, to signal steps, doors, handles, furniture, telephones, alarm clocks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, parking lots, garages, cellars, etc. " Safety Tape tape roll glow in the dark. It can easily identify various objects in the dark. Quickly find the TV remote control without needing to light! Other advantage, Safety Tape makes it possible to secure your interior. The luminescent strip is ideal for marking switches, handles, steps, stair railings or an exit. Don't grope your way around your home anymore! Safety Tape is like a luminous landmark to guide you through the darkness of the night. His system is very ingenious. The adhesive strips store natural or artificial light during the day to restore it at night. They emit a green fluorescent light of incredible intensity. By exposing it to natural light or any Other light, Safety Tape absorbs this source for 20 to 30 minutes in order to emit a bright light for 4 to 8 hours without additional energy. At first, the brightness is high, then it fades over the hours. Expose your strip to the light again and it will start to glow in the dark again. The roll contains an adhesive tape with a length of 2 meters. It is easily cut to the desired length and can be applied to any smooth surface. If you are creative, you can invent light patterns. Even though Safety Tape has a strong adhesive, they also peel off very easily, leaving no marks or residue on the surface. Made of safe and high quality environmentally friendly PET material, the bands are safe for children or pets. Application examples: nighttime safety warning, emergency evacuation signs, safety signs, road guides, clothing, stage, car, instruments, decoration or lettering, switches, remote controls, plugs, locks, door handles, fabric , cardboard, backpack, wall and glass. EASY TO INSTALL Compatible with all smooth and clean surfaces ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Made without any toxic substance HIGH RESISTANCE Guarantee of high performance, it is weather resistant Characteristics: Material: PET Property: luminous, phosphorescent, waterproof Ribbon size: 2 m per 2 cm Color: fluorescent green
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